Web Design


A mock-business and portfolio website for a fictional group of artists who specialize in adding fun illustrations to photos of feline companions.

compound website display.png

The website was built entirely from scratch using HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP inclusion.

This video provides a thorough tour of the website and its features:

You can explore the website and inspect its structure yourself at wedrawoncats.000webhostapp.com, or download  and examine all website files from this MediaFire link.



Personal Portfolio Website (2013)

A portfolio website which I designed and built for myself from scratch in 2014. It embraced the trendy vintage-chic aesthetic that started sweeping the commercial design world in the early 2010’s with aged wallpaper patterns and soft paper textures.

compound website display (portfolio 2014)

It was constructed using HTML, CSS, PHP inclusion, and jQuery features like dropdown menus and lightbox artwork displays.



Sea Witch Photography

A website design for Sea Witch Photography by Ursula Purvis. It serves as a portfolio site showcasing her beach and nature photography work, and doubles as a business portal for selling prints and image rights.

Sea Witch Photography (Compound Display)

It features a very clean, minimalist style that puts all of the attention on the artist’s photography content.